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About Planetmakers

We are Planetmakers.

Our goal and passion is to build collaborative, sustainable communities: people working together for the wellbeing of people and planet.

The core idea is building effective, enjoyable, successful approaches 
 to working together for mutual benefit.


We are at a time when there is a sea change in public awareness of

  • environmental emergency: climate change, mass extinction, vast pollution, but also very much

  • how dysfunctional is our society: mad politicians in many countries, growing inequality, intolerance, endemic wars,

  • an economy that functions as a global cancer leaving more people in poverty even in wealthy countries, many countries in economic meltdown,

  • how vast global corporations don’t serve us well, we have no control of our lives in all sorts of ways: unable to find ways to complain about problems, being exploited as employees and customers, no way to change their destructive ways, no personal connection.

What we are doing

  1. We are setting up community trials in several locations as ‘proofs-of-concept’, initially in Norwich and London Fields, Hackney, London to develop and test out Our Social Vision, and to build upon them and take them further. (See our community trials)

  2. We are developing the infrastructure to make that easy and effective:

  • Ways in which a community can work collaboratively at scale, bottom up, with decision making by those affected, rather than by a power hierarchy. (See the Social Vision )

  • Ways of building a culture of clean communication and creative handling of conflicts to ensure enjoyable and enthusiastic participation, and maintain the integrity of relationships. (See Peacemaking)

  • A communications infrastructure – a set of apps – to support the collaboration. (See the Planetmakers Platform )

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